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Rattan Art and Design offers a wide range of customized products to match your household, workplace or any location of your choice!

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Alphabet Keychains

Customized Alphabet Keychains for you and your loved ones.

Available in all letters and colors with matte or glitter finishing.

Ideal for gifts on birthdays and other such occasions.

Ash Trays

Resin Ashtray in vibrant colors.

A lovely addition to your coffee table for the safe dispensing of ash and avoiding stains/burns on the tabletop.

chess 1.jpeg

Chess Board

Chess boards needn't be the classical black and white. We make chessboards and pieces in various colors.

Now you can customize according to your living room palette and play in style.

Stationary & Cosmetic Stand

Organizers in various arrays of colors, shapes and finishes to keep your Stationary and Cosmetics organized.

Keep on Tabletops or inside Cupboards for a neat display.


Custom Resin Trays

Serving Trays in rustic or modern styles of different sizes.

For a more personalized touch, add a photo of your choice be it family, pet, etc.

Fruit Tray

Heart shaped dual color fruit tray in Resin. The vibrant colors are sure to lift your spirits up.


Persian Design Table Top

A beautiful intricate laser cut steel frame with eye-catching colorful resin fills.

Customizable in different color and pattern combinations to suite your liking.

Resin Wall Decor

Abstract paintings and Wall decors made of Resin or mixed media to match the room color palette.

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